Lotus Moon
Water Lantern Festival

Save the date!

When: Saturday, November 14, 2019
Where: Ellis Lake, Marysville, CA 
Time: 3pm-9pm

Come join us for a fun-filled evening out by the lake. Lotus Moon invites you to our 2nd annual water lantern festival in Marysville, Ca. Last year's event brought so many people from other areas into our little historic town. People from all walks of life came together to celebrate love, remembered the loss of loved ones, honored our servicemen and women, and celebrated personal dreams and goals. Even through these difficult and trying times, we want our community to remember that there is still hope to share life together!

Whatever your story may be, let us come together to celebrate it all as a community under the stars at Ellis Lake

**Due to Covid-19, this year's water lantern fest will be a free event with no lantern kit purchases or launches into the water by individuals. Our Lotus Moon team will have all our lights and decor set out for the show and will have lanterns already in the water. Bring your family out to Ellis Lake to enjoy the view and music as we practice social distancing to keep everyone safe.

Lotus Moon encourages everyone attending to please follow standard precautions to help slow the spread. 

  • Wash/sanitize hands often

  • Wear a mask

  • Stay 6 feet apart from others

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