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Meet the faces behind Lotus Moon

These are the faces behind Lotus Moon Water Lantern Festival. We will strive in continuing to make this event an annual celebration in our community. We hope to inspire and encourage our younger generations to raise up and make a difference in their lives & their communities! ♥️

Lotus Moon 2020 (199).jpg
© Lotus Moon

Theng Xiong & Pheng Yang, the two men who envisioned this event to make a change in our community & bring fun and life back into it! Theng is one of the business owners of our local AutoGear shop in Marysville, a car enthusiast, and a proud new dad to baby Elon. Pheng is a master mechanic, a wedding DJ, and an involved member of our local Hmong church. 
Pang (wife of Theng) & Kristine (wife of Pheng), the two women who believed in their husbands & supported in making Lotus Moon come to life!
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